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Accommodation for Eruvbi-Igiehon family reunion

Atlanta 2019, July 4th - July 7th

Sheraton Atlanta Hotel

Dear family.

This is the hotel information. Please forward this to family members you are planning to invite from Nigeria and other countries. For the Visa application process, family member Should start applying for Visa with the information below, We are working on the follow up invitation. Also, family members  Should please start making their Hotel reservations now with the link at the bottom.

     Address:  Sheraton Atlanta Hotel

     165 Courtland Street  NE

     Atlanta, GA 30303


     Contact name: Kemi Adeyinka  Ph:404-614-8242



The link above is what you use to book your rooms at the Sheraton Hotel, don't wait till very late to book, it might be too late and you don't want to miss the special rate.

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