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The Importance of Family Contribution & it's Benefits

There is a quote that goes: “Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.” (James W. Frick)

This couldn’t be more apt. In this day and age, with the latest gadgets and gizmos, we can have it all... But ever stop to wonder what this reflects of our priorities? In today’s Eruvbi Ighiehon gathering, kindly lend me your ears as I speak on the importance of family contribution and its benefits. In particular, I will talk about the power of unity and how this translates to progress. Let me ask what you spend $50 on? Could it buy a meal at a restaurant? Could it buy a number of items at the store? (you could even purchase 25 lottery tickets. My point is, it could be lost without an eye lid batted. But what if that money could be sectioned for a purpose? What if it could contribute to the betterment of the family? Imagine if that $50 is accumulated and used in making an impact where needed. Let’s say 65 family members contributed $50 in a month, that would total $3,250. Doing that for a year $39,000 would be raised. In five years that would amount to $195,000, a sizable capital by most standards. That otherwise menial $50 suddenly doesn’t look so small. That is what can happen when a family unites: this is how we show what our priorities are. So then what next? What will the money gathered be used for? Allow me draw on the example of my local hairstore. This store is owned by Koreans- it does not belong to an individual but to the family. They invested the money from the family pot into business. Let’s then tailor this to the Eruvbi Ighiehon family; how about a support fund for those newly arrived? What of a scholarship fund for children back home? These are responsibilities we already take on individually, imagine how impactful it will be when the entire family gives support. When a family has one millionaire, that family is not rich. But when all are equally sitting at the table, then there is wealth in the family.

To conclude, family wealth creation is not an impossible task, on the contrary, we see others doing just that... So why can’t we? We should be able to gather $50 and contribute to a family pot. I want to challenge this Eruvbi-Ighiehon generation to emulate the contribution of those before us.

Let us remember Engineer Imariagbe's contributions to the Ighiehon family legacy. In fact I would suggest naming the scholarship fund after Engineer. My challenge to the present generation is this: what legacy would you like to be remembered for?

Thank you so much. I hope in the next five years the Eruvbi Igiehon family will be able to achieve it’s goal of financial sustainability.

Thanks Owen Osunde.

MR. Owen Osunde is the family Public Relations Officer

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