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Capt. Hosa Okunbo

From deep introspection, notable marathoner, Billy Mills observed that, “Our life is a gift from the Creator. Your gift back to the Creator is what you do with your life.” This perspective speaks to the shared responsibility between the celestial and the terrestrial forces over the subject of life.

His position shares a kindred context with Williams Shakespeare’s. The classical poet, one of the greatest playwrights ever, in one of his literary works, described the world as a stage with men and women as actors and actresses, each playing his or her roles and exiting.

The legacies left behind are products of human contemplations and actions – essential validations of life and times. Humans will be judged by posterity and God for what they do to positively impact society.

It is therefore from the prism of Mills’ perspective that I set out to view and construct a narrative that is celebratory of one of, perhaps, Nigeria’s very few businessmen with the Midas touch; one who does not covet the limelight in the fashion of many in his genre but who philosophically hugs tenacity with audacity in exploratory ventures to create and project uncommon values, especially in difficult business terrains.


Captain Idahosa Wells Okunbo, (Capt. Hosa, for short) continues to traverse many sectors of the economy, deploying the force of his prolific mind to interrogate the essential environment in his restless longing to identify problems and offer solutions through delivery of goods and services that are usually exclusive.

That explicates the motivations behind the success stories of his flagship company – Ocean Marine Solutions Limited that is into the provision of marine security and logistics; the multi-billion naira five-star hospitality icon, Wells Carlton Hotel and Apartment in Asokoro District, Abuja; and the multi-billion naira Wells Hosa Green House Farms Limited in Benin.
Remarkably, Capt. Hosa takes pride in his commitment to excellence and this is reflective of Wells Carlton’s architectural masterpiece, which, in absolute beauty, is worthy only of Ozymandias. He said it took him nine years to construct the epitome of sheer luxury. He could have completed it earlier, of course; but his painstaking and fastidious disposition to achieve inimitable excellence in form, shape and content of services by the hotel influenced the completion time; ditto for the greenhouse farms project.

Capt. Hosa Okunbor is expected to speak at the Eruvbi-Igiehon family reunion in Atlanta Georgia as Chairman
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