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Aims & Objectives

Aims and objectives

  1. To promote the welfare of the family and to create awareness among all named members who are sons and daughters of ERUVBI-IGIEHON here in the Americas, in our home land, and worldwide.

  2. To promote and inculcate the understanding of the Americas among all named sons and daughters who are members of the ERUVBI-IGIEHON Family.

  3. To solicit and obtain general support from known reputable friends and organizations in order to facilitate planned and unplanned family projects and activities.

  4. To promote the Edo culture in the Americas.

  5. To create s strong understanding of the ERUVBI-IGIEHON ancestral tree and to establish a connected network of all named sons and daughters of the ERUVBI-IGIEHON Family. 

  1. New member arrival USA/Canada

The family shall monitor the arrival of all new members into the united states and Canada. The family shall play a supportive role in the settlement of the new member and assist will necessary information needed for a successful transition into the new community.

  1. Employment

All members shall do all to assist other members to obtain gainful employment to the best of their ability. Members shall inform the secretary of availability of prospective jobs and shall assist to the best of their capacity in providing relevant resources and information relating to such available jobs. 

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